[Barcelona] Basic contributions to the discussion about actions and revolutionary struggle

Political statement of the anarchist Rami Syrianos on his trial

The text below is a political statement made by the anarchist Rami Syrianos during his trial on May 2012, for the expropriation of ODDY (a state structure responsible for organizing auctions of confiscated cars) on January 2011 in Thessaloniki. Τhe statement first appeared in the “Demolish the Bastille” zine (December 2012), published by

CARI, one year ago

Translation Note: This interview to this Mexican clandestine organization that was published just now November 2011, was taken more than a year ago. It can be noticed by the facts that it relates to, as for example, the references to the Greek situation.

Gustavo Rodríguez – Antagonistic violence: Approaches to the armed struggle in urban environments from an anarchist perspective.

Introductory text for a debate with comrade Gustavo Rodriguez, at the Centre of Anarchist Information (CEDIA), Mexico City, 8th of October 2011

R.O. December 6th: Communiqué for the bomb attack against the ministry of Press in January 2010

The ‘apology’ of Giannis Dimitrakis in his second degree trial for the bank robbery of January 2006