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The strategies that authority uses in order to dominate and perpetuate its existence, are being planned in a global level and the means that uses in one place are being transported everywhere imediately, adjusted to any circumstance. These tactics and institutions, like europol, eurojust, panoptism and the various ‘economical measures’ look alike and mix with each other more and more, functioning more synchronized, trying to cover every piece of our existence.

At the same way, however, the war against dominance develops everywhere. The goal is common, the subversive structures get expanded and -we want to see them getting- networked. A war, in the evolution of which, individuals and groups from the 4 corners of the planet contribute with their theoretical-practical contributions.

We locate this open and self-managed project within the frames of a movement that doesn’t know borders and makes daily multiform war against all kinds of dominance, national, class, sex, or of any other kind, having as a supreme target, a life free of coercions and exploitation. It is an effort that has as a target to approach the biggest spectrum of people possible, through their contributions, on the one hand translating into greek, various texts -but not only- and on the other hand translating into the biggest amount of languages that is possible at any time, and thus diffuse them, various texts and brochures that are created within the greek space, including the speech of the political prisoners.

We perceive this  fruit of the different perceptions that converge into the paths of liberation and subversion as a valuable consignment, if seen under the magnifying glass of the critical analysis, that deters from fetishisms, idealizations and terms of spectacle.

We apprehend theory as some processed and refined speech, in a way potentially able to create cracks on the wall of dominance. To give creative ways out that retain integral the possibility of practical application, that can embrace a certain kind of motion, an action. Within an ocean of useless information -junk food for our brains- subversive theory is the processed and analysed useful information that can be transformed into a weapon against the dominance’s hegemony.

We believe that this weapon is not for staying into the hands of some few ‘chosen ones’ or of an intellectual elit that speaks with each other in some kind of code language.

Radical theory is a tool of creation and destruction, in the hands of those who fight, something alive that gets evolved constantly, along with social war. It can be used, but mainly CREATED by each one that actively participates  in it, by each and every one that, having chosen a battle position through her life, finds himself in a constant quest of those ways that will set into practice the surpassing of the limits that this system poses in every aspect of our lives.

We created for it to become a medium of immediate and collateral communication, theoretical fermentation, as well as encouragement to exchange thoughts and experiences. is a challenge and at the same time an open invitation to each and every one willing to translate from/to any language, contributing in the gradual creation of a digital library of active radical theory, as well as in the networking of the translative-multilingual structures working from comrades all over the world.